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Charlie The Elfin

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Charlie The Elfin Empty Charlie The Elfin

Post  Charlie.. on Sat Dec 20, 2014 5:11 am

Username: Radioactive Rabbit
Wolf Name: Charlie
Preferred Title: Charlie The Elfin
Gender: Female
Age: Two Months
Appearance/Reference (text description preferred): https://i.servimg.com/u/f39/19/06/60/51/free_w10.png Charlie is a very Kawaii puppy. As you can see via her reference her natural pelt is black, along with rather even flecks of white here and there, along with a naturally generated cresent moon-like figure on her shoulder, which she believes is her pride and joy. She isn't quite large or muscular, as her names states she is very small and thin, like an elf. She does seem physically fit, however considering she is rather active.
Personality: Charlie is very curious, dominant, And stubborn. She can also be rather convincing when it comes to her needing to be persuasive. Often if something hurts her she will take the cool side to it and suck it up, and she isn't one to whine. She mostly keeps to herself, but when she does have contact with others it's often going out and doing something stupid that will get her killed. She constantly feels the need to challenge herself and others, as if proving that she's skilled. She enjoys to be alone, but say it's a cold night she isn't afraid to snuggle with her parents or her guardians.
Brief History: I was gonna ask if Charlie could be Cricket's offspring (If so she definetly won't be two months, She'll be in utero.) But if you don't like the idea/don't need or want her then Charlie can just be an orphan or someone else can adopt/genetically be her parent.
Pack: Krinex or Aver Valley.
Why do you want to be in that pack? (regarding above section): Well, Krinex seems to fit more with Charlie's persona but I also like Aver Valley. Plus bae's main character is in that pack. shoutout 2 ma homi Aaka yo
Preferred Rank: Well Pup.
Activity out of 10: Steady 7-9


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Charlie The Elfin Empty #fail

Post  Charlie.... on Sat Dec 20, 2014 5:13 am

Apologies for double posting, but I forgot this and I don't think I can edit my post.

I, Charlie, agree to surrender my characters to the Moderators and Administrators of this forum upon the event that I do not or cannot visit this site for a period of at least [3] months. I understand that Elite Control would render my characters completely and totally subject to the decisions and RolePlay of the Elites, and may result in a number of consequences, up to and including death of my characters. In an effort to prevent this, I promise to remain active and adhere to this agreement

~Signed, Charlie


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Charlie The Elfin Empty Re: Charlie The Elfin

Post  Golden Rose on Sat Dec 20, 2014 10:12 pm

Hope your accepted Charlie
Golden Rose
Golden Rose

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Charlie The Elfin Empty Re: Charlie The Elfin

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