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Post  Cricket on Sun Aug 24, 2014 4:44 pm

To help clarify which characters are being addressed in a post, and are therefore expected to interact directly with the scene, a TAGLINE is now recommended at the bottom of each post. For example (Post from KM Stream Den);

Rose shook her head as Cricket said she needed to stop and take care of herself. When Rohlenn tried to back her she snarled. "We dont have that grace in a real battle. Im fine." she said with a growling undertone. The yearling had seen worse wounded wolves still fighting and she wasnt backing down.

TAG: Xan

Now it is clear that Xan would be expected to reply next, helping to advance the plot faster by indicating who is supposed to respond next. If there is only one character tagged, but they are tagged in multiple posts, they do NOT have to respond to all of them, though a quick mention in a response post would be appreciated.

Any or all of the tagged characters may reply to posts they are tagged in, though it is not required, depending on the flow of roleplay.

Happy Posting!
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