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Roleplay Rules

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Roleplay Rules Empty Roleplay Rules

Post  Lark on Fri Jul 20, 2012 5:11 pm

-No godmodding (controlling another person's character). Only control your own character.

-No powerplaying. If you're going to roleplay a fight, be fair! Don't make your character hit every time, and don't make them dodge every time either. I don't care how good at fighting your character is, everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

-Speaking of mistakes, DO NOT make your character a Mary Sue/Gary Stu! No one likes a perfect character. Make sure your character has quirks, and at least one fatal flaw.

-Remember, this is a realistic pack. Wolves are not going to be able to climb a tree, retract their claws, fly, shoot lasers out of their eyes, or poop cupcakes, and you shouldn't roleplay that that they can either.

-Post at least two or three sentences. No one-liners.

-Please do not make a post in roleplay that does not include roleplay. Exceptions may be made for moderators and admins enforcing the rules.

-You may have as many characters as you believe you can handle, in any pack you choose. You may not abuse this rule - you are not allowed to roleplay more than a few characters in each pack. You must wait at least a week between making new characters, and you must wait to introduce your new characters in roleplay until the leaders give you the OK. You may not roleplay your own mate. You may roleplay as your own pup, as long as everyone involved are okay with it and no one else wants to roleplay that particular character. You may only roleplay ONE pup from a litter.

-Remember, what happens in the roleplay stays in the roleplay.

-Mates: I will allow you to have a mate in this pack, but it MUST be approved both by the leaders AND both members to become mates. It is permitted for members of different packs to become mates. Keep it appropriate, and keep it in the roleplay.

-Pups: Pups are permitted to be born to members of the pack. Like mates, it must be approved both by the leaders and both the mother and father. Pups can be born to wolves who are not mates, but again, it MUST be approved by the leaders (and of course the mother and father). Pups may also be born to members of two different packs. It must be in the right season (early spring). Keep it appropriate, and DO NOT go into too much detail with the birth, and DO NOT describe the actual mating at all. (If you're unsure about what to do with that, contact me and I'll figure something out.) You'll have to find members willing to play the pups. See the rule regarding extra characters.

*Some extra info regarding mates/pups: Wolves in this pack are considered "mature", as in old enough to mate, in their second winter. Years are measured by winters.
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